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Shop Update | Tangerine Birthday

May 27, 2013  |  Shop  |  No Comments
Tangerine Birthday printable party collection shop update | diyPaperJoy

There is a new printable party collection available in the shop.  It’s called Tangerine Birthday and with its warm tangerine orange and cool aqua colour palette, it is a fun and bright collection that would be great for so many different birthday celebrations.

You can check it out here.

Smores | Victoria Day long weekend

May 15, 2013  |  Food + Drinks  |  No Comments

The Victoria Day long weekend is just a few days away.  The unofficial start to summer (and cottage season) here in Canada.  That means reconnecting with good friends, fireworks, campfires and smores.

I have been searching for some creative twists on the old favorite.  Something that might not be exactly the same as the original graham cracker, chocolate & roasted marshmallow, but that is not so different, that the nostalgia is lost.

We have had some extremely high water conditions at the cottage this spring.  Last weekend the fire pit was under water, not ideal for roasting marshmallows.  So, I also wanted to have a backup plan.  A few ideas for oven smores that I could use if the fire pit is still submerged.

I found 3 variations for open fire and 3 three for the oven (just in case).  I’m not sure which one I will use for this weekend yet, but I do know that by the end of the summer I will have tried them all.

First up, 3 variations of the traditional smore for an open fire.

Smores fire | diyPaperJoy

And since campfires aren’t always an option, depending on fire regulations, fire bans or weather related reasons, here are 3 recipes that are for the oven.

Smores oven | diyPaperJoy


1. Strawberry and Chocolate Smores | 2. Chocolate and PB Smores | 3. Smores Pop | 4. Smores Bites Two Ways | 5. Smores Cookies | 6. Smores Cracker Candy

Here’s to long weekends, good friends, campfires & cottage traditions.

Happy Victoria Day long weekend.

Cheers to Mom

May 10, 2013  |  Food + Drinks  |  No Comments

Cheers to Mom Mother's Day Mimosa

I think serving a special drink or signature cocktail adds a personal touch at any celebration, whether it is an elaborate event or a small get together.  So, even though our Mother’s Day celebration is going to be a small one, I still  wanted to offer a drink that would add a special touch to our day.

I decided to go with a Grapefruit Mimosa. Its simple to make, looks pretty (use ruby red grapefruits for colour) and the bubbles add a celebratory feel to the day. Perfect for Mother’s day. I also like that I can make a nonalcoholic version for the kids, or anyone else who might want that option.

These drinks are super easy to make and require few ingredients, but there are a couple of tips to make them their best.

First, use fresh squeezed grapefruit.  The difference is like night and day.  I know, lots of stores offer “fresh” grapefruit juice in there refrigerator sections, but trust me on this one, buy a bunch of grapefruits and squeeze them yourself.  Grapefruits are very juicy so this is not difficult to do.  I found 3 grapefruits gave me enough juice for 2 drinks (about 1 1/2 cups).  Simply cut the grapefruit in half, squeeze out as much juice as you can by hand and then use a juice reamer to squeeze out the rest.  I poured my juice through a sieve, using the reamer to squeeze as much juice out as possible, to remove any seeds and most of the pulp.

Second, use a cocktail shaker.  Pour about 3/4 of a cup of grapefruit juice into the shaker with ice and shake away.  This chills the grapefruit juice before adding the champagne.

Then, fill your champagne glass half full with grapefruit juice and top up to 3/4 full with champagne or sparkling white wine.

For the nonalcoholic version, I filled the glass with ice, added a few grapefruit wedges, filled the glass half full with grapefruit juice and  topped up with club soda. Finishing with a fancy straw and a straw flag. Lovely to look at, lovely to drink.

Cheers to you, Mom.  And all the other mother’s celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend.

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, cheers to you too!

Mother’s Day cheese tray

May 9, 2013  |  Food + Drinks  |  No Comments

Mothers Day Cheese Tray |

I knew I wanted to have a cheese tray for Mother’s Day.  Something I could put together easily, in the afternoon, for everyone to enjoy with a celebration drink.  We will be having a small get together so I decided on three cheeses.  Abbot’s Gold (an English cheddar with caramelized onions), Grey Owl (a Quebec goat cheese) and Balsamic BellaVitano.  If your celebration is larger you could choose five to six different cheeses.

To go along with the cheese I picked wheat crackers & baguette toasts and some peppercorn salami.  As well as some nuts, olives and a fig and orange fruit chutney. I love this chutney.

Labeling each of the cheeses is important so that guests know exactly what each of the cheeses are.  I made up the circular labels using the Cheese Tray Signs from the She’s Golden printable party collection.  I customized them for the cheeses I am serving, printed them off here at home and attached them to food picks.

With only a few days to go before Mother’s Day and preparations well under way, all I need to do now is hope the forcast will change so we can enjoy this out on the deck.