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Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes | Mason Jar Toppers

August 13, 2013  |  Party Ideas  |  No Comments

mason-jar-toppers-1 | diyPaperJoy

We are planning a make your own ice cream sundae get-together.  Not for any reason other than it is summer time and make your own sundaes are fun (not to mention delicious).  I’m using the Ice Cream Sundae Printable Party Collection that is new in the shop and wanted to show you how I used the Mason Jar Toppers from the collection.  The toppers come in two sizes one for standard mouth and one for wide mouth mason jars.

Mason jars are a great way to serve ice cream for a make your own ice cream sundae bar. You can make them up ahead of time (love that) and it makes it a lot easier for guests to not have to scoop their own ice cream.

For our get-together I am using the wide mouth mason jar toppers with 250 ml wide mouth mason jars.

Mason jars are handy for a lot of things. I have a few cases, in different sizes that I use for serving and storing food and drinks.  Kept in their original cases, they are easy to store, economical (especially for large crowds) and very versatile.

The mason jar toppers from the Ice Cream Sundae collection can be customized so they can be used to top a lot more than just ice cream for sundaes.  Like parfaits, fruit cups, frozen drinks, cookie mixes for gifting and so much more.  If you can put it in a mason jar, you can top it with a topper.


{Step One} Customize & Print Toppers

mason-jar-toppers-2 | diyPaperJoy

Customize and print your toppers.  I decided to use the pink designs for vanilla ice cream and the mint designs for chocolate ice cream. For instructions on customizing and printing the toppers check out this tutorial How To Customize Your Printable Party Collection.


{Step Two} Ice Cream

mason-jar-toppers-3 | diyPaperJoy


mason-jar-toppers-4 | diyPaperJoy

Line up your mason jars and scoop the ice cream into each jar.  I am serving two flavors of ice cream, chocolate and vanilla, so I did this in two steps, first with the vanilla, then with the chocolate.


{Step Three} Toppers

mason-jar-toppers-4 | diyPaperJoy

Place the snap lid on top of the jar.  Place the topper on top of the lid and screw on the band while holding the topper in place.


{Step Four} Stack and Freeze

mason-jar-toppers-6 | diyPaperJoy

Now you can stack the mason jars and place them in the freezer until you are ready to serve them.


{Step Five} Serve on Ice

mason-jar-toppers-7 | diyPaperJoy

Just before serving time, fill a large container with ice and nestle the ice cream filled jars into the ice to keep them from melting.


How to Customize Your Printable Party Collection

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One feature of all the collections in the shop is the ability to customize some of the designs, so I thought I would put together a tutorial on how to customize your printable party collection using Adobe Reader.  In this tutorial I am using the Mason Jar Toppers from the Ice Cream Sundae Collection as an example, but the same steps apply to any of the designs that have editable fields.

After downloading your collection from the shop, open it in Adobe Reader, a free download at  Once open, your screen will look something like the one below.  In the screen shot below, I have my collection open to the Mason Jar Toppers.

customizing your printable party collection using Adobe Reader 1 | diyPaperJoy

1. The blue highlighted areas are the fields that are customizable.  2. You can toggle the blue highlight on/off by pressing the Highlight Existing Fields button on the top right.


customizing your printable party collection using Adobe Reader 2 | diyPaperJoy

Click on the text in the highlighted area and enter the text you would like.  Note: you will be able to edit the text only. The font type, size and colour are not editable.


customizing your printable party collection using Adobe Reader 3 | diyPaperJoy
Once you have finished customizing the fields, save your document by clicking 1. File  2. Save As  3. PDF.  Choose a location on your computer that you would like to save your customized file and type in a name different from the original document (this allows you to retain a copy of the original file and save a copy of your customized file).


customizing your printable party collection using Adobe Reader 4 | diyPaperJoy

To print your party collection, load the paper into your printer and click 1. File  2. Print, in Adobe Reader.


customizing your printable party collection using Adobe Reader 5 | diyPaperJoy

1. You do not have to print the entire collection at one time.  You can choose to print All, Current Page or a range of Pages in the printer dialog box.  2. When I print I simply choose Actual Size, but if your document is printing too small or too large you can choose Fit in the printer dialog box.  3. Then click Print.

After your designs have printed, you can follow the instructions that are included in the collection download file for cutting and assembling.

Hope this makes customizing your printable party collection easier.  Please don’t hesitate to sent me an email or comment below if you have any questions.

Shop Update | Ice Cream Sundae

August 10, 2013  |  Shop  |  No Comments



There is a new printable party collection available in the shop.  The Ice Cream Sundae collection has all the elements needed to set up an ice cream sundae bar at your next get together.  Perfect for enjoying the last days of summer.

You can check it out here.