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Wire & Paper Star Garland DIY

December 5, 2013  |  DIY  |  8 Comments


This Christmas I decided to decorate my indoor greenery with a simple wire and paper star garland. Stars are so festive this time of year and I love the way the wire acts differently than ribbon or string. It has a more three-dimensional look to it, not draping but curling around in all directions.


wire-paper-star-garland-diy-1 |

  • Star craft punch. I used the Fiskars large star squeeze punch. When punched the star fits into a 1.5″ circle, but you can use whatever type/size of punch you like.
  • Wire. I used 30 gauge hobby and flower wire that I picked up at my local hardware store in the wire aisle. Yes, aisle. There is a lot of wire at the hardware store. Don’t get too hung up on the gauge. The important thing here is to be able to twist the wire and have it stay twisted. Some finer gauges will untwist and some heavier gauges with be too difficult to twist.
  • Scissors to cut the wire.
  • A Needle to poke a hole through the star. I also used a wine cork to save my fingers.
  • Cardstock for the stars. I used a white textured cardstock.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-2 |

{Step ONE} Punch stars out of cardstock.
{Step TWO} Using a needle, poke a hole near the top of one of the points of the star. I poked the needle through the star, into a cork, to save my fingers.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-3 |

{Step THREE} Cut a length of wire approximately twice as long as the garland. Then, thread the first star a few inches along the wire.
{Step FOUR} Fold the wire in half, where it goes through the hole in the star.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-4 |

{Step FIVE} Still holding the wire in one hand, pinch the star where the hole is with the other hand, and twist it several times.
{Step SIX} Continue with more stars, spacing the stars as close together, or as far apart, as you like. I ended up spacing mine around 6″ apart for a garland, but for a smaller project like a wreath, I would space them closer together.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-5 |

{Step SEVEN} Continue along the wire until you have enough stars for your project.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-6 |

{Step EIGHT} Arrange throughout your garland.

wire-paper-star-garland-diy-7 |

{Step NINE} Hang up your garland.

This wire and paper star garland was such a simple and quick project. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Shop Update | Joy

December 2, 2013  |  Shop  |  No Comments

Joy Printable Party Collection |


There’s a new printable party collection in the shop…and it’s just in time for the holidays.

You can check it out here.