Mini Spring Floral Bouquet

Isn’t it sweet? A mini spring floral bouquet is a perfect way to tell someone special in your life “You Are Awesome”. I have a serious case of spring fever. It’s been a long winter in our neck of the woods. Lots of snow (awesome) with very cold temperatures (not so awesome) and we still have a couple of feet of snow in our yard. I am starting to really (really) look forward to some spring-like weather. One of my favorite things about spring is all the spring flowers. I just love them.

I’ve also been thinking about all the awesome people in our lives. Like the kids school teachers, coaches and instructors. Or the friends that are always there for us no matter what. Sometimes it’s nice to say a little thank you, at non-traditional times, just to show how much you appreciate their efforts and friendship throughout the whole year.

I love getting flowers, especially in the spring. Having flowers by the sink in my kitchen just brightens my day. So I’m putting together some mini spring floral bouquets for some of the special people in our lives, to say thank you for all they do for us and our kids, and hopefully to brighten their day too.

You can make these mini bouquets by picking up a couple of bunches of flowers the next time you are at the grocery store. Your local florist or market are also great places to get a wonderful selection of flowers but don’t discount the value and ease of those bunches at the grocery store. That’s where I picked up these…One bunch each of tulips, freesia, poms and pussy willow.

Flowers go a long way when making mini bouquets. You will need roughly 1 bunch of flowers for two – three mini bouquets. So, that means if you want four varieties of flowers and pick up one bunch of each you will be able to surprise about 10 people with a little bit of spring. If you don’t need to make that many then you can use the extra flowers to make some arrangements for your own home.

Along with the flowers I used washi tape, burlap and some jute to tie it all together.

I used one stem of each flower starting with the freesia. Then I added a cluster of poms, a stem of pussy willow and finally a single tulip.

Then I wrapped washi tape around the stems to hold them together.

The mini bouquets look lovely in a small jar or vase.

I wrapped mine in a 4″ x 6″ piece of burlap, tied some jute around it and added a tag that says it all.

So simple to make. So fun to receive.

I’m sure you have awesome people in your life who would love to receive these too.


I wrapped mine in a 4″ x 6″ piece of burlap, tied some jute around it and added a tag that says it all.

So simple to make. So fun to receive.

I’m sure you have awesome people in your life who would love to receive these too.


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St. Patrick’s Day Party Favor

Here’s a cute little St. Patrick’s Day party favor that your guests will love. After all who wouldn’t want their very own pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Whether you hand them out for guests to take away or set them around the party for guests to help themselves to a little chocolaty treat, these little pots of gold – complete with their own rain cloud and rainbow, are a great way to add some charm to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

To make the rain cloud add blue confetti (the rain) to a white/clear helium balloon (the cloud). I made the confetti by punching blue cardstock with a standard hole punch. Then I used a funnel to add the confetti to the balloon and filled the balloon with helium using a home helium tank and tied them off. I picked up the home helium tank at Walmart but have also seen them at Micheal’s. I love mine – so fun, but you could also add the confetti to the balloons and have a party shop fill the balloons with helium for you (some grocery stores and dollar stores also fill up balloons with helium).

After you have your balloons it’s time to make your rainbows

I plan on handing mine out to a few kiddos who are near and dear to me this St. Patrick’s Day. Their own little pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day is a happy one.

xo Debbie

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Gold Confetti Garland DIY

I’m getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this super easy, super glitzy gold confetti garland diy. We don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a big way, but when we have guests over around St. Patrick’s Day it’s nice to get in the spirit of things.

I’m excited about this garland because it could not be more simple (punch, sew, hang), I can make it ahead (awesome) and it is so versatile that I can use it over and over again (thinking Easter & Mother’s Day just for starters).  Also, the gold metallic cardstock looks gorgeous and it reminds me of those gold coins at the end of the rainbow.

I ordered the gold metallic cardstock from and the gold shimmer on it is beautiful. It’s also a cover weight, a bit heavier than regular cardstock, so it is going to hold up for many more celebrations. Using my 2″ craft punch, I punched four circles across the 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet. They had to be pretty close together in order to get four across, as you can see in the photo above.

Then I trimmed off the punched holes and punched four more circles, repeating this until the entire sheet of cardstock was used up. I was able to get 20 circles from each sheet of cardstock. Once all the circles were punched, I simply ran them through my sewing machine, keeping long threads at both the beginning and end for hanging. For more detailed sewing instructions you can check out this Patterned Paper Confetti Garland DIY. No need to alternate different sized/patterned circles here though, just run one gold circle after the next and I did keep the gold circles close together, feeding each circle in right after the next, with no stitches in between.

And now it’s ready to hang and I have one item crossed off my to do list. Plus it’s soooo pretty with all it’s gold sparkle and shine. Love how it catches the light.

Do you have anything planned for St. Patrick’s Day and if so, do you go low key or all out? Either way you just may want to add some sparkle with one of these garland.



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Heart garland

Here is a quick and easy heart garland DIY to fancy up your Valentine’s Day this Friday. Making several strands and hanging them vertically will definitely send the message that love is in the air – or that hearts are in the air anyway.

All you need is cardstock (I used three shades of pink), a heart craft punch, ribbon, double sided tape and scissors. Heart craft punches come in a variety of sizes and are available at craft stores or in the craft department of large retailers.

I wanted the hearts on my garland to start with light pink at the top and get darker as they went down. I measured the length of ribbon I need and laid out the hearts to determine how many I needed. I ended up using 5 of each colour in a row (double sided equals 10 of each colour per garland strand).

To start I place double sided tape on one of the dark pink hearts and stuck the ribbon to the tape in the center of the heart, not letting the ribbon stick below the bottom of the heart. Then I placed double sided tape on a second dark pink heart and stuck it right on top of the first heart, sandwiching the ribbon between the two hearts and making sure the edges were lined up.

I continued to work my way up the ribbon, making sure the hearts were evenly spaced. I found it easiest to lay the hearts out, a full colour grouping at a time, with double sided tape before attaching them to the ribbon

And that’s it. Easy, quick and hearts hanging everywhere – love!

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Valentines day garland card

My mom lives a couple of hours away from us, which means we don’t see her as often as I would like. So, I thought it would be nice to send her a little Valentine’s Day garland to reminder her that she is loved and that we are thinking about her.  What I like about this project is that not only is it a visual reminder of our love but on the back of each of the photos there is also a written message stating our love. A Valentine’s Day garland + card all in one.

The first step is to gather your photos.  Photos you have on hand or Instagram photos work well but if you don’t already have photos that you want to use, it can be a lot of fun just grabbing your camera and taking some selfies. Do this near a window with lots of indirect light coming in. Then print out your photos and trim them to the size you would like. I cropped mine to 3.75 x 3.75 inches and printed them at home on 4×6 photo paper because I wanted a white border around my photos. Then I trimmed the sides to create a 4×4 inch photo.

Cut note cards out of card stock the same size as your photos. You will need one note card for each photo. I cut 5 note cards from white textured cardstock to 4×4 inches each. I made a heart stamp by hot gluing a wood heart to a cork. Then I stamped a red heart in the middle of the note card near the top. Next I used a felt pen to draw a black border.
Write a sentiment on each of the note cards. These could be messages from each of the people in the photos, poems,  or an I Love You because… on each of the cards. It will depend on who the garland is for and of course, who the garland is from, but have fun with it. Then attach a note card to the back of each of the photos with double sided tape keeping in mind the order of the photos and the order of the note cards.

I used 1/2 inch red gross grain ribbon for the garland. I laid the ribbon out and played with the placement of the photos, chipboard and hearts before cutting it to the final length. I ended up with two lengths of ribbon for a double hung garland, but you could also hang everything on one length of ribbon for a single hung garland.

I used chipboard letters to spell out “You Are Loved” and punched some hearts in two sizes from a scrap piece of printed overlay. Printed patterned paper or solid cardstock would look great too

For the large sized heart, I used a standard hole punch to punch two holes near the center at the top and threaded it onto the ribbon. My chipboard letters had very sticky backs and stayed on the ribbon fine on their own, but I have used lots of chipboard that was not very sticky, in which case you could either hot glue or sew the letters in place. Tip: If you want to remove the stickiness from the back of your chipboard letters before gluing or sewing them in place, sprinkle a bit of baby powder over the sticky side and then remove any excess.

I used 3/4 inch black binder clips to attach the photos to the ribbon and tucked a few small hearts here and there. After I arranged everything on the ribbon I cut it to its final length and used washi tape to hang it on the wall.

I plan on wrapping this garland up and sending it to my mom for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll add a roll of washi tape to the box, so she can hang it on her wall. In the mean time I’m enjoying it on mine:)


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Hanging ice votives diy

ce votives are so easy to make, cost essentially nothing and can be used over and over again. I love that I can make these way in advance, keep them in the freezer or on the porch, if you are having fringed winter weather like us, and pull them out when the occasion calls.

For our Sledding Party I made some to place on the Hot Chocolate Bar to provide some light as the evening grew darker. Afterward, I moved them to the porch off our living room, where they look pretty lit when we have company, or even when we don’t.

1. You’ll need two plastic or metal containers, one larger container the size you would like your votive and a smaller container to make the hole to place the candle in. Make sure the candle you want to use fits inside the smaller container. I used a 500 ml yogurt container and a single serving pudding container.  Fill the larger container, almost to the top, with water. Then place the smaller container in the center, level to the top and tape in place. I used packing tape. While holding each end of the tape I stuck it to the top of the small container, then  pushed the small container into the water and wrapped the tape down the sides of the larger container. Then I added a second piece of packing tape perpendicular to the first. Place in the freezer or outside, if it is cold enough, until frozen.  2. Once frozen remove the packing tape.  3. Remove the small container and release the ice from the large container. If the containers don’t remove easily, you can let it sit at room temperature until it removes easily or run cool water over the container to loosen it. Be careful though, if the water is too warm the ice will crack.  4. Drop in a candle.  5. And light.

I also wanted to hang some of the votives, so I made a hanger out of wire to slip the ice votives into. I used 30 gauge hobby and flower wire because that’s what I had on hand, but you could use a heavy gauge wire too.

Supplies – Wire and one washer for each votive. I used 1 inch washers.

1. Cut four lengths of wire and bend in half. I cut my wire in 35 inch lengths which worked well for the container I used. If you are using a larger container you will need to cut longer lengths.  2. Thread the bent end up through the center of the washer.  3. Bring the ends around and through the loop.  4. Pull to tighten around washer.  5. Repeat with the remaining 3 lengths of wire, spacing evenly around washer.

6. Separate the wire strands in each group.

7. Taking one strand from one group and one strand from the group next to it, twist the two strands together part way up from the washer. The idea is to have this twist fall on the ice votive about midway up

8. Repeat with each of the other strands, creating four new groups.

9. Now repeat this step again, creating another round of twists roughly equal distance from the first twists, that they are from the washer.

10. Creating a little basket for the ice votive

11. Bring the ends together, they don’t need to be even just make sure the washer sits nicely straight down, and twist together (about 2 inches worth).  12. Loop around and twist, creating a hanger.

13. Slip the ice votive in the wire hanger, hang and light.

Place some ice votives in hangers and place some right in the snow, along a path, up the front steps, at an outdoor seating area…Well you get the idea.

They are a pretty addition to any outdoor winter party.

Hope you enjoy them!


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Spiked hot chocolate swizzle stick diy

It’s not just kids who enjoy hot chocolate, adults love their hot chocolate too. So, at the Hot Chocolate Bar, at our Sledding Party, I decided to offer up a spiked version for the grown ups in the group.

At the hot chocolate bar, guests were invited to add shots of Kahlua to their hot chocolate. But, I thought it would be fun to dress up the spiked hot chocolate a little, especially for those who didn’t want theirs with roasted marshmallows.

So, I made swizzle sticks that were perfect for stirring in the Kahlua and set them out in a mason jar. You can even add some mini marshmallows to the swizzle sticks for those who want just a bit of that marshmallow goodness.

The swizzle sticks were so easy to make. I just hot glued a smallish white pom pom to the top of a wooden skewer that I had cut to fit nicely in the cups we were using. The pom poms were just slightly larger than 1/2 inch and the wooden skewers I cut to be about 2 inches taller than the cups we used. Then, I added a straw flag from the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection.

The trick to adding the mini marshmallows, is to use a clean, slightly damp cloth to wipe the stick just below the flag (be careful not to wet the flag) all the way to the bottom. This makes the marshmallows slide nicely along the stick. Then, wipe after each additional marshmallow.

The swizzle sticks can be made up way ahead of time, adding the marshmallows on the day of the party. I’m all for doing as much ahead of time as possible, to lessen the stress on party day. Although, one of these might do the trick too!



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Pom Pom Garland

If you’ve spent any time here on the blog, you may have noticed that I have a bit of a thingfor garlands. I love them. They are delightful, they dress up any celebration, and they make me smile when I walk into a room.  I have been known to leave them hanging looong after the party is over. One thing I especially like to do, is hang multiple garlands. Different garlands mixed together. So, for our Sledding Party, I decided to hang two garlands at our Hot Chocolate Bar –  a Hot Chocolate Banner along with a pom pom garland.

Pom pom garlands are so easy to make. Just choose some pom poms that are suitable for your theme or decor. I chose the blue and white pom poms because they reminded me of snowballs. I liked that they were different sizes and had a bit of sparkle to them.

Then, with a needle and thread start stringing the pom poms by sticking the needle right through the centre of the pom pom. If you have kids who are able to safely work with a needle, they can help out too. And, if they aren’t quiet old enough for needle work, they can certainly pull the pom poms along the thread while you work the needle.

Continue randomly threading pom poms until you reach a length you are happy with. And if random isn’t what you are after, then you can also thread them in a pattern.

A couple of tips. 1. I left the thread attached to the spool so I could make the garland longer as I went. You could also pre-cut the thread to whatever length you need. 2. To reduce the amount of tangling, I used painters tape to attach the garland to walls, tables, whatever was around me, as I worked. 3. If you want to work in shorter lengths or if your thread does get tangled, just cut it and tie smaller garlands together, placing the knot close to a pom pom.

Make it, hang it and most of all enjoy it.


P.S. If you are making this, or any garland for a party, make it and hang it a few days before the day of the event. Because it’s something you can do ahead of time (reduces stress on party day) and because it will make you smile when you walk into the room.

P.S.S. Send me pictures if you make one:)

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Halloween Mini Banner Freebie

Mini banners are adorable. Being mini does that. They are a little more low-key than larger banners or garlands, so they can be hung pretty much anytime without screaming holiday or party. Just a life is awesome kind of thing.

They can also be hung in a ton of places. On the front door, on a headboard, on the back of the guest of honor’s chair (or maybe the person’s chair who set the table, walked the dog or did great on their math test). If made long, they can be a garland. If made short, they can top a cake. I like to hang them above or even on, picture frames and mirrors.

So, with Halloween just around the corner I thought a treat was in order. You can download the free Halloween Mini Banner here, so you can get one of these cuties hung before those trick-or-treater’s start knocking on your door.


To make the Halloween Mini Banner

Free Halloween Mini Banner printable
Bone folder
Straight edge/ruler
Paper cutting tools
Double sided tape
String or twine
Washi tape

1. Download and print the Halloween Mini Banner on a sheet of 81/2″ x 11″ cardstock. I used an off white cardstock from Bazzill (Criss Cross Texture in Cream Puff).

2. Using a straight edge and a bone folder, score the banner flags along the center guideline as shown above.

3. Use the outer edge guidelines to cut out the flags first into strips and then into individual flags.

4. Fold the flags in half, along the scored line.

5. Hang the flags over the twine.

6. Use a piece of double sided tape to hold the two sides together.

7. Continue along with the rest of the flags.

8. Hang with washi tape. I tied knots at each end of the string so it would not slip out of the tape.

It’s a happier Halloween already.

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Decorating for Halloween with my Silhouette

We have been decorating for Halloween the last few days and my Silhouette Cameo has done the bulk of the work. Now, most of these project can also be done by hand and would have a wonderfully crafty look to them if they were, but in this case I opted for fast and finished.

For all the projects I used my Silhouette Cameo, black cardstock, my sewing machine with black thread and some tape for hanging (washi tape for the garlands, painters tape for the bats).


Project One – Bats on the Wall

These bats on the wall make such a huge impact for such little effort. I saw them popping up on Pinterest last Halloween but it just didn’t happen on my wall. I was determined to do it this year. Some of the pins on Pinterest have templates you can hand cut if you want to go that route. I hung about 70 bats so I used a bat design from the Silhouette store.

I only used one bat shape, you could certainly use more than one, but I simple cut full sheets of  different sizes of that one design. I used 4 different sizes in all. Then I used painters tape to attach them to the wall.

Project Two – +++ Garland

Again, I let my Silhouette do all the work here. I made a + sign using two straight lines that were 2 inches long and intersected  perpendicularly at their centres with the following settings:

  • line style: straight
  • line thickness: 50pt
  • corner style: corner
  • end capstyle: flat

Then, I used a zig zag stitch to sew them all together, leaving about 5 stitches worth of spacing between. You can leave as much or as little space as you want.

Project Three – Boo Garland

In the Silhouette software I typed out the word BOO. I used a font called Chunk Five at 100 points. Then I replicated it to fill the 12″x12″ area and cut it out of a black sheet of cardstock. I used a straight stitch to sew through the tops of the letters, making sure they were facing the same direction and were right side up, that’s the voice of experience talking folks. I wanted to leave a lot of space between the words so that each word was very distinctive and because i like the spider webbishness of the black thread. The trick here is you have to hold onto the thread each time you start a new word, so that the thread doesn’t jam up.

How is your Halloween decorating coming?

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