Shop Talk | Resizing Garland Banners

Earlier this winter we hosted a Sledding Party that included a hot chocolate bar. I decided to experiment a bit with the size of the garland banners in the Let It Snow printable party collection, printing them out at half size. You can see the same style of banner at a make your own ice cream sundae bar we had last summer, using the banner in the Ice Cream Sundae collection at full size.

Resizing banners is pretty easy. I essentially printed the banner at half size by printing two pages per printer page. This is really a function of your printer. I’m going to go through the steps I took using my printer, but since all printers are different things may look different in your printers dialog box.

Open the PDF document, with the banner you want to print, in Adobe Reader. In my case the diyPaperJoy Let It Snow Printable Party Collection printables PDF from the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection.

1. From the toolbar, select Fit one full page to window for easier viewing.

2. From the toolbar, click on Show next page (Right Arrow) until you have the first page of the garland banners in the window, in my case page 18.

3. Select File  4. and then Print to bring up the Print dialog box.

5. Under Pages to Print, select Pages and type in the page range of the garland you wish to print, in my case pages 18-23.  6. Under Page Sizing & Handling, select Multiple.
7. Under Pages per sheet select 2.

Note: You can experiment with how many Pages per sheet you would like to print. Choosing more pages per sheet will make your banner flags even smaller.

8. Make sure the cardstock/paper you would like to print your banner on is loaded in the printer then select Print.

A note about purchasing collections from the shop – Immediately after purchase, you will be sent an email containing the link to download your collection. After unzipping the download file you will find one or more PDF files, depending on the collection, but usually one file with instructions and tips on working with the printables and one (or more) files with the actual printables. To open the files you will need Adobe Reader, available as a free download here at

The advantage to being able to resize the banners is that you can hang a garland that suits the space you have available. In the case of a hot chocolate bar the full size garland would work well for a wall over a large buffet or table set up where the smallest banners would work well for a small hot chocolate bar set-up on a small table or a counter.

The collections in the shop are very versatile and have lots of options for customization to suit the needs of your get-together or party set-up.

Whether you are a new reader here or know your way around already, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, if there is anything you would like to see more of here or if you have any questions.


Shop Talk is a blog series featuring tips, tricks and tutorials for working with items from the shop. For more posts in this series click here.

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Valentines day freebie

I created this printable for our Cookie Bar for Valentine’s Day and wanted to share some love with you in the form of a free PDF download. You can download the Heart Printable Party Collection freebie here. The mini collection comes in both red and pink with three designs in each colour being customizable. That means you can edit the text that is printed on the food and beverage signs, the bag toppers and the 2″ toppers/tags. You can check out the designs below.

You can use these designs to label food and beverages at a Valentine’s Day party table, customize your own gift tags, top treat bags, add straw flags to your drinking straws at Valentine’s Day snack…you get the idea.

The download is a PDF file so, to open and customize the files you will need Adobe Reader, available as a free download here at Instructions for customizing your printable party collection are available here and cutting instructions are included with the PDF file. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoy it and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

XO Debbie

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Shop talk favor bag labels

The night of our Sledding Party, it was snowing quite heavily, so in order to save the cookies that I planned to have at our outdoor Hot Chocolate Bar from getting soggy, I made up some treat bags. These were super fast to put together, I simply tucked a couple of cookies into a treat bag and added a 2″ food topper/tag from the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection.

Then I added them to a basket alongside the cups for the hot chocolate. They looked cute and it was nice for everyone to have a little treat to open up.

But what made them so easy to pull together, at the last minute, was that I printed them on Avery 2″ Round Labels (22807) and simply stuck them to the front of the bags.

This may seem to be a small detail, but I am pretty excited about it, because making favor bag labels or treat bag labels just got a lot easier. Most of the collections in the shop come with 2″ food toppers/tags, which you can print out on cardstock and punch with a 2″ circle craft punch, to use in a variety of different ways. But in the newest collection in the shop, the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection, the 2″ food toppers/tags and the 2″ Thank You tags are compatible with Avery 2″ Round Labels (22807).

That means you now have a choice. You can print on cardstock and punch out – this is a good option for food toppers, like cupcake toppers. Or, you can print them out on Avery 2″ Round Labels (22807) and use them like a sticker. Perfect for favor bags or treat bags!



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