Cookie bar valentines day

Cookie bars or cookie stations are fun. They are popular at weddings and family reunions and big celebrations. They let guests play a bit, interact in a fun way and they are delicious too. But you don’t have to be having a big event to enjoy all the fun. A small scale cookie bar is a perfect treat for Valentine’s Day whether it’s just you and your sweetheart, your family or a get-together with some friends.

Cookie bars are often cookie decorating bars. You know the ones, where the kids try to load as much candy on a cookie as possible. I wanted our Valelntine’s Day cookie bar to be a little less about the candy grab but still fun and yummy.

So instead of icing I thought we would give dipping the cookies in a chocolate fondue and then in bowls of candy decorations a try. Still fun for the kids but a little more grown up for the adults. And if you want to grow up your fondue even more (if you are only serving adults of course) you can add a splash of your favorite liqueur.

Plus we have the added bonus of dipping fresh fruit in the chocolate fondue too. Just supply the skewers and guests can assemble their own.

A lot can be done in advance to make this a quick set up. The cookies can be baked days in advanced and stored in an air tight container. Or even a month or two in advance and frozen. The candy decorations can be placed into serving bowls and covered. Some of the fruit can be washed and prepped and stored in airtight containers a few hours before, but some of the fruit, like the bananas, will need to be prepared right before serving. Something to think about when choosing the fruit you want to serve. And here are some great tips for making the chocolate fondue ahead too. This is the chocolate fondue recipe I used.

For the final touches I added a heart garland hanging down above the table and sprinkled some heart confetti in and around the serving dishes. I made the heart confetti by punching out hearts, using a hand held 6mm heart punch, from the scraps of cardstock left over from making the heart garland.

A fun and delicious Valentine’s Day treat for everyone.

XO Debbie

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