Decorating for Halloween with my Silhouette

We have been decorating for Halloween the last few days and my Silhouette Cameo has done the bulk of the work. Now, most of these project can also be done by hand and would have a wonderfully crafty look to them if they were, but in this case I opted for fast and finished.

For all the projects I used my Silhouette Cameo, black cardstock, my sewing machine with black thread and some tape for hanging (washi tape for the garlands, painters tape for the bats).


Project One – Bats on the Wall

These bats on the wall make such a huge impact for such little effort. I saw them popping up on Pinterest last Halloween but it just didn’t happen on my wall. I was determined to do it this year. Some of the pins on Pinterest have templates you can hand cut if you want to go that route. I hung about 70 bats so I used a bat design from the Silhouette store.

I only used one bat shape, you could certainly use more than one, but I simple cut full sheets of  different sizes of that one design. I used 4 different sizes in all. Then I used painters tape to attach them to the wall.

Project Two – +++ Garland

Again, I let my Silhouette do all the work here. I made a + sign using two straight lines that were 2 inches long and intersected  perpendicularly at their centres with the following settings:

  • line style: straight
  • line thickness: 50pt
  • corner style: corner
  • end capstyle: flat

Then, I used a zig zag stitch to sew them all together, leaving about 5 stitches worth of spacing between. You can leave as much or as little space as you want.

Project Three – Boo Garland

In the Silhouette software I typed out the word BOO. I used a font called Chunk Five at 100 points. Then I replicated it to fill the 12″x12″ area and cut it out of a black sheet of cardstock. I used a straight stitch to sew through the tops of the letters, making sure they were facing the same direction and were right side up, that’s the voice of experience talking folks. I wanted to leave a lot of space between the words so that each word was very distinctive and because i like the spider webbishness of the black thread. The trick here is you have to hold onto the thread each time you start a new word, so that the thread doesn’t jam up.

How is your Halloween decorating coming?

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