Gold Confetti Garland DIY

I’m getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this super easy, super glitzy gold confetti garland diy. We don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a big way, but when we have guests over around St. Patrick’s Day it’s nice to get in the spirit of things.

I’m excited about this garland because it could not be more simple (punch, sew, hang), I can make it ahead (awesome) and it is so versatile that I can use it over and over again (thinking Easter & Mother’s Day just for starters).  Also, the gold metallic cardstock looks gorgeous and it reminds me of those gold coins at the end of the rainbow.

I ordered the gold metallic cardstock from and the gold shimmer on it is beautiful. It’s also a cover weight, a bit heavier than regular cardstock, so it is going to hold up for many more celebrations. Using my 2″ craft punch, I punched four circles across the 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet. They had to be pretty close together in order to get four across, as you can see in the photo above.

Then I trimmed off the punched holes and punched four more circles, repeating this until the entire sheet of cardstock was used up. I was able to get 20 circles from each sheet of cardstock. Once all the circles were punched, I simply ran them through my sewing machine, keeping long threads at both the beginning and end for hanging. For more detailed sewing instructions you can check out this Patterned Paper Confetti Garland DIY. No need to alternate different sized/patterned circles here though, just run one gold circle after the next and I did keep the gold circles close together, feeding each circle in right after the next, with no stitches in between.

And now it’s ready to hang and I have one item crossed off my to do list. Plus it’s soooo pretty with all it’s gold sparkle and shine. Love how it catches the light.

Do you have anything planned for St. Patrick’s Day and if so, do you go low key or all out? Either way you just may want to add some sparkle with one of these garland.



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