Halloween Mini Banner Freebie

Mini banners are adorable. Being mini does that. They are a little more low-key than larger banners or garlands, so they can be hung pretty much anytime without screaming holiday or party. Just a life is awesome kind of thing.

They can also be hung in a ton of places. On the front door, on a headboard, on the back of the guest of honor’s chair (or maybe the person’s chair who set the table, walked the dog or did great on their math test). If made long, they can be a garland. If made short, they can top a cake. I like to hang them above or even on, picture frames and mirrors.

So, with Halloween just around the corner I thought a treat was in order. You can download the free Halloween Mini Banner here, so you can get one of these cuties hung before those trick-or-treater’s start knocking on your door.


To make the Halloween Mini Banner

Free Halloween Mini Banner printable
Bone folder
Straight edge/ruler
Paper cutting tools
Double sided tape
String or twine
Washi tape

1. Download and print the Halloween Mini Banner on a sheet of 81/2″ x 11″ cardstock. I used an off white cardstock from Bazzill (Criss Cross Texture in Cream Puff).

2. Using a straight edge and a bone folder, score the banner flags along the center guideline as shown above.

3. Use the outer edge guidelines to cut out the flags first into strips and then into individual flags.

4. Fold the flags in half, along the scored line.

5. Hang the flags over the twine.

6. Use a piece of double sided tape to hold the two sides together.

7. Continue along with the rest of the flags.

8. Hang with washi tape. I tied knots at each end of the string so it would not slip out of the tape.

It’s a happier Halloween already.

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