Hanging ice votives diy

ce votives are so easy to make, cost essentially nothing and can be used over and over again. I love that I can make these way in advance, keep them in the freezer or on the porch, if you are having fringed winter weather like us, and pull them out when the occasion calls.

For our Sledding Party I made some to place on the Hot Chocolate Bar to provide some light as the evening grew darker. Afterward, I moved them to the porch off our living room, where they look pretty lit when we have company, or even when we don’t.

1. You’ll need two plastic or metal containers, one larger container the size you would like your votive and a smaller container to make the hole to place the candle in. Make sure the candle you want to use fits inside the smaller container. I used a 500 ml yogurt container and a single serving pudding container.  Fill the larger container, almost to the top, with water. Then place the smaller container in the center, level to the top and tape in place. I used packing tape. While holding each end of the tape I stuck it to the top of the small container, then  pushed the small container into the water and wrapped the tape down the sides of the larger container. Then I added a second piece of packing tape perpendicular to the first. Place in the freezer or outside, if it is cold enough, until frozen.  2. Once frozen remove the packing tape.  3. Remove the small container and release the ice from the large container. If the containers don’t remove easily, you can let it sit at room temperature until it removes easily or run cool water over the container to loosen it. Be careful though, if the water is too warm the ice will crack.  4. Drop in a candle.  5. And light.

I also wanted to hang some of the votives, so I made a hanger out of wire to slip the ice votives into. I used 30 gauge hobby and flower wire because that’s what I had on hand, but you could use a heavy gauge wire too.

Supplies – Wire and one washer for each votive. I used 1 inch washers.

1. Cut four lengths of wire and bend in half. I cut my wire in 35 inch lengths which worked well for the container I used. If you are using a larger container you will need to cut longer lengths.  2. Thread the bent end up through the center of the washer.  3. Bring the ends around and through the loop.  4. Pull to tighten around washer.  5. Repeat with the remaining 3 lengths of wire, spacing evenly around washer.

6. Separate the wire strands in each group.

7. Taking one strand from one group and one strand from the group next to it, twist the two strands together part way up from the washer. The idea is to have this twist fall on the ice votive about midway up

8. Repeat with each of the other strands, creating four new groups.

9. Now repeat this step again, creating another round of twists roughly equal distance from the first twists, that they are from the washer.

10. Creating a little basket for the ice votive

11. Bring the ends together, they don’t need to be even just make sure the washer sits nicely straight down, and twist together (about 2 inches worth).  12. Loop around and twist, creating a hanger.

13. Slip the ice votive in the wire hanger, hang and light.

Place some ice votives in hangers and place some right in the snow, along a path, up the front steps, at an outdoor seating area…Well you get the idea.

They are a pretty addition to any outdoor winter party.

Hope you enjoy them!


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