Heart garland

Here is a quick and easy heart garland DIY to fancy up your Valentine’s Day this Friday. Making several strands and hanging them vertically will definitely send the message that love is in the air – or that hearts are in the air anyway.

All you need is cardstock (I used three shades of pink), a heart craft punch, ribbon, double sided tape and scissors. Heart craft punches come in a variety of sizes and are available at craft stores or in the craft department of large retailers.

I wanted the hearts on my garland to start with light pink at the top and get darker as they went down. I measured the length of ribbon I need and laid out the hearts to determine how many I needed. I ended up using 5 of each colour in a row (double sided equals 10 of each colour per garland strand).

To start I place double sided tape on one of the dark pink hearts and stuck the ribbon to the tape in the center of the heart, not letting the ribbon stick below the bottom of the heart. Then I placed double sided tape on a second dark pink heart and stuck it right on top of the first heart, sandwiching the ribbon between the two hearts and making sure the edges were lined up.

I continued to work my way up the ribbon, making sure the hearts were evenly spaced. I found it easiest to lay the hearts out, a full colour grouping at a time, with double sided tape before attaching them to the ribbon

And that’s it. Easy, quick and hearts hanging everywhere – love!

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