Patterned Paper Confetti Garland Diy

We have a little friend, named Olivia, who just turned two.  I had a little celebration for her that included the friends that she plays with, when she comes to our house.  About 13 in all.

The idea was to have an after school snack turned celebration.  A good bellowing of happy birthday to you… some treats provided by her family, along with some decorations and we had ourselves a mini party.

I hung some bright orange tissue paper poms and used the happy birthday banner from the Tangerine Birthday Printable Party Collection.  I also used all four of the patterned paper designs, from the same collection, to make a confetti garland.

I love these garlands.  They are whimsical, pretty and easy to make.  They are inexpensive, reusable and can be used in multiple ways.  In short, they are awesome and here are just 3 of the ways I use them.

1.  Garland – When hung as a garland I like to loop it back and forth, across the room, at different heights.

2.  Backdrop – Secure one end at the uppermost, left edge of the backdrop area.  Let the garland drop down to the length desired then bring it back up and secure at the top.  Drop down another length, moving across the backdrop space, from left to right, until covered.

3.  Embellish a Gift – Simply wind the garland around the present, trim if needed and secure along the back.

Go ahead. Make one. You won’t regret it.

Here’s how I made mine:

Tangerine Birthday Printable Party Collection
8 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ plain white cardstock (you could also use patterned paper from your own stash and skip step one)
1-1/2″ Circle craft punch
1″ Circle craft punch
White thread
Sewing machine

{Step One} Print Patterned Paper
First, I printed 2 copies of each patterned paper design onto 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of plain white cardstock.  Then, one at a time, I reloaded the paper into the printer tray and printed the same design on the blank side of the cardstock. (For my printer, this means loading the paper with the side I want to print on, face down. But check your printer, to make sure you reload the paper correctly, in order to print on the blank side).  This gave me 8 sheets of double sided patterned paper (2 sheets each, in 4 different designs, with the same design on both sides).

{Step Two} Punch Circles
Using a 1-1/2″ circle punch, I punched one full sheet of each patterned paper design.  Giving me 24 large circles in each pattern.
Using a 1″ circle punch, I punched one full sheet of each patterned paper design. Giving me 48+ small circles in each pattern.

{Step Three} Create a Repeating Pattern
With my circles stacked up in order of the repeating paper pattern, I was able to easily create a repeating size pattern by simply saying “large, small, small” as I gathered the circles in a row. (Don’t worry, its ok to talk to yourself).

{Step Four} Sew Together
With some circles lined up in order and ready to go, I started sewing the circles. To start, I pulled a generous amount of thread and held on to it while I sewed right through the centre of the first circle, made three stitches without any paper, before stitching through the centre of the next circle. I continued to do this until half of my large circles were used up and left a long thread at the end as well. The long threads at each end can be tied off and are useful for hanging.

Then I started a second strand with the rest of the circles, creating two garlands each approximatly 25′ long.  I find two garlands tangle less easily and give me some flexibility when it comes to decorating with them. (But mostly because two garlands tangle less easily).

{Step Five} Hang & Enjoy
I hung my garlands so they criss crossed and zig zagged across the room, letting them drape down at different heights.  And then I went and got my kids and made them check out my awesome garland (they put up with me because they are awesome too).

You don’t need a reason to make a patterned paper confetti garland though. Life is simply better with one of these hanging in your house.

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