Sledding Party

Do you remember what you did to celebrate the new year in 2000? Do you remember all the hype and uncertainty of what would happened as the year switched over. Well, it was that year that we started having an at home family friendly New Years Eve Sledding Party. And we haven’t looked back since.

A lot of memories have been made with this tradition. Old friends who have come every year. New friends who have joined us along the way. And the kids…they have all grown so much. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate not just the new year, but also a group of friends we are so grateful to have.

It’s a casual affair. Pretty go with the flow once the night begins, but we do follow a bit of a traditional routine that includes cocktails, dinner, tobogganing by Christmas lights, a kids countdown with fireworks and then the real countdown at midnight.

This New Years we added a hot chocolate bar to the tobogganing portion of our party. It was a cold and snowy, windy and dark night. Perfect for wrapping your hands around a cup of hot chocolate and warming up by the bonfire but not so perfect for taking pictures. So, I don’t have many unfortunately.

But a family friendly outdoor activity with a hot chocolate bar is a great way to enjoy time with friends. We had a lot of fun and I think you would too, so over several posts I’ll go through the steps we took to set up our sledding party. After all, getting outside and enjoying some friend and family time in the snow is what winter is all about.

Oh, and if you don’t have kids, grab a few friends and give it a try anyway, because nothing brings out your inner kid like playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate.

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