Spiked hot chocolate swizzle stick diy

It’s not just kids who enjoy hot chocolate, adults love their hot chocolate too. So, at the Hot Chocolate Bar, at our Sledding Party, I decided to offer up a spiked version for the grown ups in the group.

At the hot chocolate bar, guests were invited to add shots of Kahlua to their hot chocolate. But, I thought it would be fun to dress up the spiked hot chocolate a little, especially for those who didn’t want theirs with roasted marshmallows.

So, I made swizzle sticks that were perfect for stirring in the Kahlua and set them out in a mason jar. You can even add some mini marshmallows to the swizzle sticks for those who want just a bit of that marshmallow goodness.

The swizzle sticks were so easy to make. I just hot glued a smallish white pom pom to the top of a wooden skewer that I had cut to fit nicely in the cups we were using. The pom poms were just slightly larger than 1/2 inch and the wooden skewers I cut to be about 2 inches taller than the cups we used. Then, I added a straw flag from the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection.

The trick to adding the mini marshmallows, is to use a clean, slightly damp cloth to wipe the stick just below the flag (be careful not to wet the flag) all the way to the bottom. This makes the marshmallows slide nicely along the stick. Then, wipe after each additional marshmallow.

The swizzle sticks can be made up way ahead of time, adding the marshmallows on the day of the party. I’m all for doing as much ahead of time as possible, to lessen the stress on party day. Although, one of these might do the trick too!



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