Sledding Party Invitation

A sledding party is a fun, kid-friendly way to get together with other families and enjoy the winter together. And, even though this is a casual affair, handing out an invitation is a special touch that makes the event something to look forward to, for your guests.

For our Sledding Party invitation, I used the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection, filled out the party details and then made my own envelope to coordinate. Full instructions for customizing, printing and cutting are included in each printable party collection download. You can also refer to this tutorial on how to customize your printable party collections.

Step {ONE} Invitation

Customize, print and cut out as many invitations as needed. I printed mine on Bazzill Criss Cross Texture Cardstock in Lily White to add some texture.

Step {TWO} Envelope

1. I chose two patterned papers from the collection (the blue and white stripe for the outside and the white with blue snowflakes for the inside). I printed the first pattern on a sheet of bright white 28 lb printer paper (it’s a little heavier than standard printer paper), using borderless printing. Then, I reloaded the same paper back into my printer tray and printed the second pattern on the other side, creating an 8.5” x 11” double sided sheet of patterned paper. Each printer loads differently, so you just need to make sure the side you want to print on is facing the right direction. For my printer, the side facing down is the side that the printer prints on, so I reloaded the paper with the blank side facing down.

2. To print the free envelope template, I reloaded the double sided patterned paper back into my printer tray with the pattern I want to have on the INSIDE of my envelope facing the direction of printing. Again, for my printer the side facing down is the side that is printed on, so I reloaded the paper with the pattern I wanted on the inside of the envelope (the snowflake) facing down. Then I printed the envelope template on top of the patterned paper. Cut along cutting line #1, creating an 8.5” square. Then cut along cutting line #2.

3. Score, fold, then unfold along each of the remaining guidelines. With the cut off corner downward, fold in the two sides. Then fold up the bottom flap with the cut off corner and secure with double sided tape.

Step {THREE} Finishing Touches

With the envelope constructed, I slid the invitation into the envelope.

Then, I used a corner rounder to soften the pointed edge on the envelope flap.

And to finish my envelope off, I added the family names using my Dymo Label Buddy, a wood veneer snowflake that I held in place with a glue dot and then I tied it all together with some red and white bakers twine.

And there you have it, a sweet invitation for a winter get-together. Get out and enjoy winter!


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Hot Chocolate Bar

We added a hot chocolate bar to our new year’s eve Sledding Party this year. It was a big hit with all age groups and so simple to make. I knew I wanted the bar to have a rustic feel, kind of cabin like. After all we were tobogganing and hanging out by the bonfire and lots snow was falling – it seemed to fit the scene. My husband attached two pieces of barn board together and we simply placed it on top of a flattened snow bank. Then, we stuck two logs in the snow, one on either side.

The logs gave me a place to hang the garlands. The Hot Chocolate Banner, from the Let It Snow Collection, and a pom pom garland that I made. For the Hot Chocolate Banner I simply tied the bakers twine to the log poles.

And for the pom pom garland, I zig zagged it back and forth from one pole to the other, a few times.

Then, just before the party, I started setting up the bar. I set out a large thermos of hot chocolate along with hot beverage cups, a pail of large marshmallows for our Roasted Hot Chocolate, as well as a smaller pail of mini marshmallows. We also had chocolate chip cookies for an added treat and Kahlua for the grown up crowd.

I made a sign to encourage guest to help themselves and try making a Roasted Hot Chocolate. A fun twist on regular hot chocolate, which incorporated roasting marshmallows by the bonfire and our hot chocolate bar.

And, because our Sledding Party was at night, I also made ice votives that I placed on the bar and hung from the trees, so guests could see while serving themselves.

The Hot Chocolate Bar was a really fun addition to our Sledding Party. I love that it encouraged guests to make themselves at home, get involved, mingle and enjoy a fun treat. We will definitely be setting up another hot chocolate bar before the winter is over.
I hope you give it a try too.


P.S. All the printables used for the Hot Chocolate Bar are from the Let It Snow Printable Party Collection. You can find this collection along with others in the shop.

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