Valentines day garland card

My mom lives a couple of hours away from us, which means we don’t see her as often as I would like. So, I thought it would be nice to send her a little Valentine’s Day garland to reminder her that she is loved and that we are thinking about her.  What I like about this project is that not only is it a visual reminder of our love but on the back of each of the photos there is also a written message stating our love. A Valentine’s Day garland + card all in one.

The first step is to gather your photos.  Photos you have on hand or Instagram photos work well but if you don’t already have photos that you want to use, it can be a lot of fun just grabbing your camera and taking some selfies. Do this near a window with lots of indirect light coming in. Then print out your photos and trim them to the size you would like. I cropped mine to 3.75 x 3.75 inches and printed them at home on 4×6 photo paper because I wanted a white border around my photos. Then I trimmed the sides to create a 4×4 inch photo.

Cut note cards out of card stock the same size as your photos. You will need one note card for each photo. I cut 5 note cards from white textured cardstock to 4×4 inches each. I made a heart stamp by hot gluing a wood heart to a cork. Then I stamped a red heart in the middle of the note card near the top. Next I used a felt pen to draw a black border.
Write a sentiment on each of the note cards. These could be messages from each of the people in the photos, poems,  or an I Love You because… on each of the cards. It will depend on who the garland is for and of course, who the garland is from, but have fun with it. Then attach a note card to the back of each of the photos with double sided tape keeping in mind the order of the photos and the order of the note cards.

I used 1/2 inch red gross grain ribbon for the garland. I laid the ribbon out and played with the placement of the photos, chipboard and hearts before cutting it to the final length. I ended up with two lengths of ribbon for a double hung garland, but you could also hang everything on one length of ribbon for a single hung garland.

I used chipboard letters to spell out “You Are Loved” and punched some hearts in two sizes from a scrap piece of printed overlay. Printed patterned paper or solid cardstock would look great too

For the large sized heart, I used a standard hole punch to punch two holes near the center at the top and threaded it onto the ribbon. My chipboard letters had very sticky backs and stayed on the ribbon fine on their own, but I have used lots of chipboard that was not very sticky, in which case you could either hot glue or sew the letters in place. Tip: If you want to remove the stickiness from the back of your chipboard letters before gluing or sewing them in place, sprinkle a bit of baby powder over the sticky side and then remove any excess.

I used 3/4 inch black binder clips to attach the photos to the ribbon and tucked a few small hearts here and there. After I arranged everything on the ribbon I cut it to its final length and used washi tape to hang it on the wall.

I plan on wrapping this garland up and sending it to my mom for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll add a roll of washi tape to the box, so she can hang it on her wall. In the mean time I’m enjoying it on mine:)


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